large scale musical instruments for parks and playgrounds


Adding large-scale musical play instruments to park and playground design is a great way to bring all ages together.

Highwire is proud to offer these harmoniously designed outdoor musical instruments from Freenotes Harmony Park.

These durable instruments encourage social engagement, and inspire children and adults of all ages and ability to play.

Freenotes Harmony Park products are easy to play and require no tuning. Maintenance is simple. Installation options include surface mount and in ground options.

Musical Parks

The broad range of instruments offered includes a variety of chimes, drums, bells and cymbals.

Instruments can be combined to form an architectural symphony or can be installed singularly to enhance other more traditional outdoor play equipment. These instruments are a great addition to inclusive playgrounds because of their simplicity, and their ability to transcend play boundaries. Regardless of physical ability, age, race or gender these large-scale musical parks invite participation.

Each Freenotes Harmony Park instrument is beautiful and easy to play. The designs are inviting and encourage creativity while producing a soothing score.

Freenotes Harmony Park offers a wide range of large-scale musical park instruments that were originally designed in conceived by Grammy Award Winning, Richard Cooke. He wanted to give access to musical instruments to those that could not otherwise afford to learn to play an instrument.

Additionally he wanted to create instruments that encouraged gross motor skills from the large muscle groups. This is why the ergonomics of the instruments is such an important factor. None of the instruments produce any sharp or flat tones, this means there are no wrong notes, and this is important when you are making music in a public space.

By removing wrong notes and using designs that do not require intricate fine motor skills he developed musical parks that worked in harmony with their surroundings. Most importantly these instruments remove play barriers so that people of all ages could make music instinctively.

Children playing music in the park on Harmony Freenotes musical instruments
Commercial Outdoor Large-scale Musical Play Equipment
All ages and abilites playing music on the park on large scale musical instruments
Large scale musical instrument for parks and playgrounds
chimes and percussion instruments as playground equipment
Families and kids playing on oversized xylophone and other instruments for commercial play areas