Rock Climbing Sculpture Park Equipment


Fitness and playground equipment from Highwire offers exceptional play value. For us, that is a given. We want to design parks and playgrounds that maximize play value and encourage creativity.

But our park and playground designs are meant to be exceptionally visually appealing too. We strive for outstanding play and artistic value. That’s why we love the transformative sculptural play equipment offered by these GFRC play sculptures.

These handcrafted rock formations and woodland structures merge with the landscape and provide a challenging and dynamic play environment. GFRC rock climbers, boulders, and woodland play equipment combine seamlessly to create amazing play interactions for children and adults. They also combine seamlessly with the natural environment and we think that is why they are so appealing.

The products are realistic and the playground industry standard for playground rock climbing equipment.

All GFRC structures are ASTM Certified and inspected by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. Trust our experience as designers, parents, and climbers to help you design some truly unique play experiences that cannot be duplicated.

Keepin’ it Real

Highwire understands that offering a broad spectrum of products allows us to design and develop parks and playgrounds for every type of environment. We think these intentional and thoughtful designs work especially well to enhance already scenic and rugged landscapes. Sometimes parks, playgrounds, and play areas call for something more than modern contemporary designs. GFRC Nature-inspired rock formations, retaining walls, and large- scale climbing boulders allow beginning rock climbers and advanced climbers to experience the joys of rock climbing in a safe accessible environment.

This type of play and recreation might not otherwise be available to many people and therefore we think GFRC playground products are a significant value-added addition to many park and playground designs.

Natural looking sculpted tree play structure for climbing
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Space rock climbing sculpture for parks and playgrounds
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Woman on natural looking stone climbing structure, product developed by IDS and sold by Highwire US