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The best parks and playgrounds
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The Best Parks and Playgrounds: Spinning & Grinning

At Highwire, we take play very seriously. We are committed to designing the best parks and playgrounds with equipment that inspires play, social interaction and learning. The products we represent are unique and specialized. Our playground equipment is crafted to be architecturally interesting, durable, and compliant with worldwide safety standards. Our site amenities, like benches and tree grates, are beautifully sculptured and meant to enhance the landscape. Most importantly our products are built on the premise that modern parks and playgrounds must bring communities together. Our playground equipment is designed for inclusion and access by all ages and abilities. Our benches and site amenities are harmonious with the environments they inhabit and they are as functional as they are beautiful.

Call us today for more information about how we can assist you in designing your next park or playground. We have designers and consultants available to create the perfect collection of playground equipment and site amenities. We are experienced in creating the best parks and playgrounds for churches, daycare centers, schools, parks, public spaces and community centers. Additionally we have inclusive playground equipment options and outdoor fitness equipment for all ages regardless of physical ability.