Safe and durable modern playground equipment for toddlers and pre-schoolers


We have extensive experience designing and delivering pre-school playgrounds to parks, daycare centers and schools. We know that early childhood development play areas should be designed much differently than school-age playgrounds. For this reason the team at Highwire offers design consultations to help park planners, landscape architects, schools, daycare centers, and churches choose play equipment that is age appropriate, safe and imaginative.

Children at these early ages enjoy role-play and anything that develops their senses. The best pre-school playgrounds contain an opportunity for pretend play and gross motor play.


We suggest designs with strong colors, and friendly shapes to invite little ones onto the play structures. These products are designed with traditional play in mind, like swinging, sliding and climbing. Equally important and included in these designs is thematic play. Themes like trains, cars, ships, and houses allow pre-schoolers and toddlers to engage in pretend play activities. This type of play not only helps with individual development but it also encourages social interaction.

The large range of play structures you see here are perfect for sparking cognitive development along with gross and fine motor play skills.

Play structures forpre-school age parks and playgrounds
Toddler play structure with safety turf play equipment designed by KOMPAN
Engineered wood fiber safety surfacing at pre-school age playground equipment by KOMPAN
Exciting, safe, play equipment for pre0schoolers and school age kids
KOMPAN playground structure for pretend play outdoor play structures
Safe toddler slides for churches, daycare centers and parks
Pretend play equipment for toddler parks
Pretend play and climbing playground equipment
Pretend play structures and playground equipment for daycare centers
Safe climbing structures for all ages and abilites
Modern toddler safe fully compliant pre-school park ad playground equipment designed by KOMPAN