It’s EASY being Green

The new KOMPAN GreenLine playground products make going green a breeze.

  • Sustainability:  GreenLine products are made from sustainable materials like post-consumer and post-industrial plastics and post-consumer textiles. While old standbys from the Robinia line are born green from sustainably forested Robinia Wood.
  • Variety: KOMPAN GreenLine products include all of the classics KOMPAN is known for like seesaws, spinners, and some amazing new sustainable products like the BLOQX line made with 75% post consumer plastic panels.
  • Competitively Priced: The KOMPAN GreenLine of sustainable recycled products are priced competitively, are durable, and the obvious choice in today’s climate.
  • Verified: All Sustainability claims are verified by Bureau Veritas. Details about carbon emissions are available for download for EVERY product in the KOMPAN catalog.

Good Planets are Hard to Find

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Born Green

Robinia Sustainable Forestry

Robinia Natural Wood Playground products by KOMPAN are manufactured using sustainable forestry practices.

Robinia is stronger than oak, and is one of the best woods for outdoor use because it is resistant to decay and it grows rapidly. For these reasons it can be harvested sustainably and quickly.

Robinia wood is a staple in some of our favorite playground designs. Natural Playgrounds made with sustainable materials are never out of style.

Third Party Verified


ALL products offered by KOMPAN now include information about carbon emissions and sustainable material offerings. This information is verified and validated by Bureau Veritas. Responsible for global ISO certifications, Bureau Veritas calculations are the gold standard for calculating recycling and carbon emissions claims.

Made Green

Textile Recycling

Many of our old favorites from KOMPAN now have parts made from a variety of recycled plastic and textile products. For example:

Posts on KOMPAN GreenLine play systems are made of 100% post-consumer recycled textile and plastic waste.

Decks of KOMPAN Greenline play systems have panels made of 75% post-consumer ocean recycled waste.

Rotomolded components like those seen on the classic Supernova are made of 25% post-consumer ocean recycled waste.

Scroll down to see just a few of the products in this exciting new sustainable materials line of playground equipment.

Born Green | Robinia Wood

Made Green | Ocean Plastic | Recylced Textiles

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