Honolulu Zoo Playground


The Honolulu Zoo playground features Kompan’s Explorer Dome for it’s play area center piece. It’s jungle like design is well suited for kids inspired to find their inner primate under an expansive canopy of monkey pod trees.

The live soundtrack, provided by the full time residents of the zoo, helps to create a unique and memorable play experience for tourists and locals in Waikiki.

In addition to the playground equipment the Honolulu Zoo also chose Urban Accessories products to round out the site furnishings at their site. We we happy to help them choose the best tree grates, trench grates and benches for this exciting and playful space.


Dome climber playground at the Honolulu Zoo
Children swinging on playground equipment at the Honolulu Zoo
Children climbing and swinging on modern dome playground at the Honolulu Zoo
Honolulu Zoo Playground
Play equipment designed to improve gross motor skills
All ages of children climbing and swinging on modern playground equipment
Multi level rope climbing dome playground equipment
Pre-school rope climbing play equipment
Multi level playground for swinging and playing