Sport Courts for multi-sports play from KOMPAN


With so much written about the negative effects of screen time and the effect it has on childhood obesity rates, communities worldwide are looking to create play spaces for people of all ages. Often overlooked in this quest for healthier playgrounds are teens, adults and seniors.

This is why Highwire is so excited about the KOMPAN Multi Use Sport Courts, adult outdoor fitness equipment, Senior Stay Fit Equipment and rock climbing sculptures pictured here.

Multi Use Sport Courts

Multi Use Sport Courts They offer a great way for adolescents, teens and adults to interact together in casual team sport. The designs are multi functional, meaning that multiple types of team sports can be played within the same play area, sometimes even at the same time. Think of them as the modern alternative to the sandlot. A place where kids can gather and play soccer, basketball or football all in the same space safely and without interruption. See the complete range of products offered, KOMPAN Multi Use Game Areas

Children playing on a multi-sport court with safety surfacing

 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Additionally KOMPAN also offers outdoor fitness equipment so adults on the go can get their fitness game on without ever stepping into a gym. These pieces can be added to almost any park or playground and they offer adults the opportunity to play alongside their children. Find out more about this dynamic equipment for adults to seniors.

KOMPAN offers cardio systems with vandal proof electronics, obstacle courses, cross training equipment and adaptive equipment for seniors as well. All combined together these pieces create an outdoor gym in any community

Sports and Fitness Equipment

Stay Fit Equipment for Seniors

KOMPAN Fitness Equipment for Adults
KOMPAN Adult Playgrounds

Rock Climbing Right in the City

For outdoor adventurists that can’t find time to make it to the mountains every day, a great addition to any park or playground is a beautifully crafted rock climbing structure. These natural looking GFRC pieces work harmoniously with the outdoors and offer a multi-level climbing challenge for children, teens and adults alike.

Rock Climbing Adult Playground
Rock sculptures playground equipment