Toddler Playground Equipment Marymoor Park


Marymoor Park, located in Redmond, Washington, is the largest and most visited park in the King County Parks System.  The park serves over 3 million visitors annually.  It provides a wide range of activities for each and every one.

When a group of Mom’s from the not-for-profit group MOMentum, (MOMentum) wanted to add an outdoor gym to Marymoor Park they approached Highwire. They wanted to design a safe and exciting playground for their children. This group also wanted the a play space surrounded with outdoor gym and fitness equipment for the parents.


MOMentum believes that mothers and all parents should have an opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of their access to a paid gym. Moms are often the primary caregivers. And primarily responsible for taking little ones to parks and playgrounds. MOMentum’s idea is to convince parks departments everywhere to include adult outdoor fitness equipment in the same vicinity as the children’s playgrounds. This way moms and all adults responsible for childcare can get a healthy workout, enjoy the outdoors, and keep a watchful eye on the little ones.

We were excited to take on the task.  We recognized that the outdoor fitness equipment needed to serve the needs of these busy moms by providing a quality fitness experience for them. Additionally, the accompanying toddler play structures needed to occupy their kids in the time it takes to complete a quality workout.


We worked closely with their team, the King County Parks Department, and a landscape architect to design a combination outdoor gym and play area. This unique playspace allows visitors to Marymoor Park to workout, and observe their little ones at the same time.

This project is a great example of our commitment to collaboration and design. Our team believes playgrounds and parks should have something for everyone. We are proud to point to this project as an example of vision and community coming together.

We helped this group choose play equipment for the toddlers with maximum play value. This means toddlers can find countless ways to explore the play area. The play equipment builds their fine and gross motor skills. Knowing that the KOMPAN playground equipment will keep the toddlers occupied, we then chose KOMPAN fitness equipment that maximizes the cardio and strength training requirements of these busy, active parents.

The gallery of pictures below show the broad range of playground and fitness equipment utilized at this active and beautiful park. We think this play area and outdoor gym makes a fantastic addition to the wide range of activities offered at Marymoor Park.


For more information about Marymoor Park visit King County Parks, or Friends of Marymoor Park.

If you would like to design a similar outdoor fitness area and playground in your area contact Highwire today. We believe in the mission of MOMentum and welcome the opportunity to build a unique experience similar to this one in your community.

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