Modern swing, rope climber and spinner playground


We are lucky to work in an environment that values the power of play. Highwire takes pride in developing play areas, parks and playgrounds that are dynamic, unexpected and most importantly fun. Highwire parks and playgrounds always start with one fundamental consideration: How can play value be maximized in this space? This means a commitment to choosing equipment that allows children of all ages and abilities to interact with the structures in multiple ways.

It translates into parks and playgrounds that have multiple entry and exit points, allowing children to choose their own starting and ending point. Additionally, most of the equipment can be played with in a variety of ways, children can spin, climb, swing or slide all on their own terms. The equipment we place is designed to spark imaginations and let children create their own path.

The pictures below represent a large cross section the best playground equipment and designs we have created.

Hawaii Playground Equipment Supplier and Designer Highwire

Ewa Beach Park | Oahu, Hawaii

Dome Climber with amazing play value for parks and playgrounds and kids of every age

Punahou School | Honolulu, Hawaii

Colorful modern playgrounds with play equipment, swings and spinner toys for every age range

Tambark Creek Park | Snohomish County, Washington

Climbing structures and playground equipment

Powderworks Park | Dupont, Washington

Swingsets, slides and climbing structures for every age park

Ebright Creek Park | Issaquah, Washington

Play equipment for all ages, including pretend play and climbing structures for older children

Franklin Park | Tacoma, Washington

Modern giant play blocks and towers at park

Jefferson Park | Seattle, Washington

Large scale play structures for school playgrounds

Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus | Maui, Hawaii

Safe toddler playgrounds for daycare center or apartment complex

Lakeland Hills | Auburn. Washington

Modern sculptural playground

Log Boom Park | Kenmore, Washington

Modern slides, merry go rounds and swings for school age park and playground

Hidden Valley Sports Park |Bellevue, Washington

Multiple play structures on park playground

Ella Bailey | Seattle, Washington