School Age

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Swings and climbing for all ages at the Honolulu Zoo


Today’s school age kids need playground equipment that inspires them to put down their devices, turn off the video games and get active. Modern school age playgrounds must have long term engagement and be able to inspire gaming. The kind of gaming you can’t find sitting in front of a screen. Instead school-age playground equipment should have materials and designs that attract children to engage in challenging physical activities with their peers.

Activity and socialization are important parts of development at this age and that’s why we are really fond of the school age play equipment featured here. Climbing to new heights, spinning with friends and swinging from the bars are great ways to develop social skills and physical fitness.

Highwire offers a broad range of school-age playground equipment from explorer domes, spica spinners, and the latest in school-age play: the icon interactive playground equipment.

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Dome Structure for climbing play equipment
Net climber at Seattle Center Play Area
School age spinning playground equipment
Multiple level play structures for kids of all ages at a park in Hawaii, designed by Highwire
public park and playground with modern dome climber
climbing structures for school age kids
School age playground structure
PLay Area at Seattle Center as executed by Highwire
school age climbing playground
playground climbing, sliding and swinging
rope climbing dome for school age kids