Percussion Play – Striking all the right notes

UK based, Percussion Play creates outdoor musical instruments that sound as beautiful as they look. In the crowded field of outdoor musical instruments this means a lot. All of the instruments are handmade at their workshop in Hampshire UK. The instruments are crafted from durable materials designed to withstand in all climates. The outdoor musical play instruments are tuned precisely so there are no sour notes. Even beginners can create beautiful music. The instruments include a variety of drums, chimes, bells, xylophones, floor pianos and even some one of a kind talk tubes, tembos and hand pipes.

These attractive instruments are the perfect complement to every playground setting because they are accessible to all ages and abilities. Additionally the instruments support social, emotional, physical, cognitive and sensory play.


To ensure the durability of the drums you see here, Percussion Play uses modern fabrication technology with hand finishing. The result: these drums are guaranteed to perform because of the structural integrity and the attention to detail. Percussion Play offers a variety of drum styles including: Tumbadoras, Congas, Cajons, whimsical Petal Drums, Djembes, and Bongos to name just a few.

Bells and Chimes

Chimes and bells, always hitting the right note. Percussion play offers a huge variety of playful bells and chimes. Some are colorful, some are nature inspired and some are sleek and modern. The bells and chimes are also available in a wide selection of sizing and mounting options. All of the bells and chimes are perfectly tuned so that groups of players can create beautiful, collaborative, and unique melodies.

One of a kind

Outdoor musical instruments from Percussion Play are the perfect complementary accessory. They can be added to any playground or park or can stand alone and invite collaboration wherever groups of people gather. These instruments encourage social interaction across generations and across skill levels. Aesthetically pleasing, durable and professionally tuned these unique pieces can create community anywhere they are installed.