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KOMPAN Outdoor Commercial Fitness Equipment


Play should not be exclusive to children, especially outdoor play. Teens and adults need outdoor play spaces too. This is why Highwire offers these innovative outdoor park and play equipment products. Designed for people of all ages and abilities the outdoor fitness equipment seen here, along with the multi-use sport courts offer a unique play experience that can stand alone or accompany a more traditional playground equipment design.

Outdoor Fitness

For busy parents, finding time to workout while also taking care of small children can be very difficult. These KOMPAN outdoor fitness products are a great addition to any playground because when installed strategically, parent’s can workout while watching their children play on KOMPAN play structures.

All outdoor fitness products are supported by the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app and optional trainer support – to make sure that motivation and retention is an integrated part of securing success. 

Sport Courts

For older kids interested in playing team sports on the fly the KOMPANs multi sport courts perfect. Casual enough to be used for multiple game opportunities from basketball to soccer, the multi sport courts are designed to explore the benefits of sports together with socialization.

These are courts that allow for many games to be played at the same time. They encourage inclusion and physical activity.  There are three different designs to choose from each offering maximum play value.

Children playing on a multi-sport court with safety surfacing
outdoor sport courts for multi sport use includes safety surfacing, and nets
Commercial Park & Playground equipment: Multi-use sport court
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