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Know that when you are considering Urban Accessories site amenities for your outdoor spaces, parks, pools, or playgrounds, you are getting the best the industry has to offer.

Urban Accessories offers a wide variety of products in a variety of finishes. Learn more.


Our commitment to design extends to every product we sell. We believe the details matter; in fact the details are often the final touches that make a public space, like a playground or park, memorable.

It’s not enough that purely functional items like trench grates and trash receptacles perform well over time. They must also align with the overall aesthetic of the spaces they serve.

This is why we are so proud to represent Urban Accessories. Site furnishings and site amenities, by Urban Accessories, are specified by the most discerning landscape architects and designers. This is because their site furnishings are unique, durable, and noteworthy.

For over 50 years Urban Accessories has been supplying public spaces with top of the line site furnishings and cast metal products that are often copied but never truly replicated. Urban Accessories does not shy away from custom or specialty work. This means that attention to detail is extremely important.

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