The Best Seattle Playground

Sandwiched between the Space Needle, and the Frank Gehry designed, Experience Music Project, was an overlooked patch of pavement not being utilized at the Seattle Center.

With all this astounding development around and near the Seattle Center, residents complained that the city was pushing out locals and making a visit to the Seattle Center unaffordable. The solution: design a FREE-to-anyone child-inspired play area with playground equipment that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

A project of this scope and with such famous architecture surrounding it had to be special, and in scale with the the beauty of the city that surrounded it. How do you come up with a design that can match the heights of the Space Needle and sit proudly next to a building designed by one of the most famous architects in the world? You ask a child of course!

The playground at the Seattle Center was inspired by a drawing from a child who was asked to draw a picture of the ideal playground. The picture you see here is that inspiration and the project that followed from this drawing is one of our proudest achievement.

We were fortunate to work with some amazing local artists, some committed local non-profits and a community that really cares about it’s future.

For more amazing pictures of the playground in use, see our Featured Project page. But don’t take our word for it, read what other in the playground community have to say about this truly unique project.

Details about all the equipment used and the other members of the design team can be found here:

KOMPAN – The Seattle Center Artists At Play 

Read what play professionals have to say:

Art + Play at the Seattle Center

This was an fantastic experience for us and we are proud to have been a part of bringing this special playground to our home state.