New Playground Equipment at Petrovitsky Park

Come see the new and improved Petrovitsky Park.

Designed by Highwire with new inclusive play features, and improved accessibility.

Year-round, families spend hours at Petrovitsky Park watching their youngsters play soccer. Since this park is one of the most heavily used parks in the Seattle area, parents expect the playground to be safe and entertaining. 

In fact, the playground is one of the most important features at this park since siblings need safe and active entertainment while they are waiting for soccer games and practices to end. With this in mind, King County Parks partnered with Highwire to create a new playground.

Playground Priorities

Petrovitsky Park is the epicenter of youth soccer in south Seattle. So King County Parks recognized that any new features must meet the needs of busy families with multiple children. Furthermore the new playground design also address the varying abilities of all children. This meant designing  an inclusive playground using the principles of universal design. The previous wood fiber play surface and existing play structures needed to be replaced.

Safety Surfacing

The new playground surface is rubber safety surfacing. This surfacing is superior to the previous wood chips. Rubber safety surfacing allows for play in any almost any type of weather, is easier to maintain, and most importantly allows wheelchair access to all the play features.

Custom KOMPAN Play Equipment

In addition to new rubber surfacing, two new play structures were installed.

Children ages 2-5 now enjoy the custom KOMPAN Elements Structure. It features two slides, rope ladders and a climbing wall in addition to several other features designed to challenge and extend play time.

Older children aged 5-12 will take advantage of the new custom KOMPAN Galaxy Structure.  This structure offers countless opportunities to improve fine and gross motor coordination. This Galaxy structure has something for everyone because it is designed for inclusive play. This means children regardless of their physical ability can find something to enjoy. It also means that children with special needs can play alongside their peers instead of separate from them.

Learn more about the principles of inclusive design and how KOMPAN incorporates these principles into all of their equipment. Be sure to check out the White Paper for comprehensive research about this important development in playground design.

The 2-5 year old play structure at Petrovitsky Park

Overhead view of the Custom KOMPAN Elements Play Structure at Petrovitsky Park. Designed for children of all abilities ages 2-5 years old.